Studio Art Major

The Studio Art program promotes the development of creative inquiry, expression of ideas, and critical thinking. Through the use of traditional and new materials and techniques, students increase skills of visual expression and problem-solving. Through art-making, discussions, readings, writings, and museum and gallery visits, students expand their understanding of visual art and its process, while gaining analytical skills and factual knowledge to aid their perception of art and the world around us.

Students who take Studio Art core courses (1000-level) will be able to:


  • Think and make creatively
  • Observe, depict, analyze, and interpret sensory information
  • Understand how knowledge is socially constructed within and beyond the studio
  • Identify an area of interest and articulate why it is meaningful
  • Consider the ethical implications of decisions made within our globally interconnected society


  • Show evidence of critical thinking about the social and cultural forces that shape decision-making
  • Demonstrate skills and practices that enhance their expression and communication
  • Clearly articulate comprehension of methods and process within and beyond the studio

Students who take upper level Studio Art core courses (2000- and 3000-level) will be able to do the above, and:

  • Make art that draws on knowledge from the class gained from other fields and the studio