International Studies

The International Studies Program at Fairfield University draws from a group of interdisciplinary faculty, practitioners and students from many parts of the world with a commitment to thinking critically about global challenges, promoting social justice, and engaging in service. Students have opportunities to pursue a major or minor in International Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences or an innovative co-curricular program in International Business with a complementary major or minor in the Dolan School of Business. The Program seeks to heighten global awareness in the ways we situate ourselves geographically, and encounter conflict, gender, race, class, nationality, the environment, and development.

Some of our most important student learning outcomes are:

  • Accurately summarize in writing the key points of a scholarly work.
  • Identify different “theories,” analyses, or perspectives on social behavior.
  • Accurately juxtapose two different analyses of a situation or event.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the linkages between local phenomena and global processes.