Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies

The end of the Cold War, along with the collapse of the Soviet Union and communist regimes in Eastern Europe, offers a unique opportunity to take a fresh look at an old field: Russian and East European area studies. Formerly caught within the framework of the Cold War, new societies are emerging, struggling to come to grips with their pasts and forging their own unique futures.

The Russian, East European, and Central Asian studies minor, an interdisciplinary program developed jointly by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Charles F. Dolan School of Business, offers students an opportunity, from a base major either in international studies or one of the disciplines, to develop a focus on this dynamic area of the world.

RECS 3980 Internship    3 Credits

Candidates work a minimum of eight hours per week during the semester either for the Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies Program director, helping with publicity, coordination, and public events, or for an organization or business in the area doing work in Russia, Eastern Europe, or Central Asia. Under the direction of a faculty member in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies, interns regularly report on their work and write an evaluation of the experience at the end of the summer. The internship is available only to juniors and seniors seeking a minor in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies. Previously RES 0395.

RECS 4999 Capstone Seminar: Current Topics in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia    3 Credits

Prerequisite: Junior standing.

This interdisciplinary seminar, team-taught by faculty members from different disciplines or available as an independent project, focuses on current and changing developments in Russia, Eastern Europe, or Central Asia and covers culture, politics, business, and economics, enabling students to integrate their different disciplines in a case-study format. The course includes oral and written assignments in addition to a special seminar project, designed by students in close consultation with instructors. Previously RES 0310.


McFadden (History)

Steering Committee

Bowen (English)
Garvey (English)
Nantz (Economics)
Rose (Visual and Performing Arts)

Syssoeva (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Affiliated Faculty

Eliasoph, P. (Art History)
Grossman (Visual and Performing Arts), Emeritus
Leatherman (Politics)
Pearson (English)