Irish Studies

An opportunity to learn about the intriguing history, politics, literature, and art of Ireland is available to you through a minor in Irish Studies at Fairfield University. Courses focus on the troubled history of the nation, its colonial and postcolonial significance, its difficult politics of Northern Ireland, and the inspired art and literature that emerged from its turbulent past. The program organizes a number of courses previously available in various departments and enhances them with new features. Enthusiasm for this area of study has surged in the last three decades as the Irish people have sought to resolve long-standing political issues and taken an interesting role in the new global economy. Fairfield, with a significant Irish-American representation among its students and alumni, provides a welcoming environment for Irish Studies. The University hosts a number of lectures, concerts, plays, and readings that complement the academic program and has established a study abroad affiliate with the National University of Ireland, Galway.