Peace and Justice Studies

The Peace and Justice Studies Program is an expression of the Jesuit educational commitment to the values of peace and justice. The program is based on the principle that true peace is not only the absence of hostilities but also requires the establishment of a just social order. Accordingly, the minor provides students with an opportunity to participate in the systematic study of a variety of issues in world peace and social justice. It challenges students to give thoughtful consideration to how we might create change and develop a vision for the future.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Program will have the opportunity to:

  1. Identify the injustice, inequity, or oppression that is embedded in particular social, political or economic structures.
  2. Explain how the concept or practice of activism is integral to peace and justice.
  3. Demonstrate skills in oral or written communication regarding critical social issues.
  4. Analyze critical questions about assumptions, biases, and worldviews.
  5. Apply knowledge, awareness, or skills to problems of inequity and oppression.