School of Engineering

A Message from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Engineering at Fairfield University. We are devoted to serving students as they successfully pursue undergraduate and graduate engineering degrees. The School provides opportunities for students to combine study with experience and professional practice through classroom instruction, industrial internships, and experiential learning offering the prospect for the best in engineering education.

The School of Engineering strives to maintain the highest level of instructional integrity and remains committed to the Ignatian ideals of education, finding bigger answers to society's problems, and providing service to socially and economically disadvantaged populations. A true reflection that Engineering is a “Service to Humanity” profession.

In pursuit of this mission, we are committed to expanding student engagement in the engineering professions. The School's graduates will have mastered theoretical and practical knowledge of engineering skills, and will have strong foundational knowledge in communications, critical judgment, social responsibility, economics and ethics to use in building their professional careers.

On our website, you will find detailed listings of the educational objectives of each of the engineering programs offered in the School of Engineering. The curricula and degree requirements are linked to the objectives through student learning outcomes leading to national accreditation. The engineering curricula includes the University’s Magis Core - the hallmark of Fairfield's education - that aims to help transform our students into thinking citizens and lifelong learners, and prepare them to live an inspired life. Additionally, our ambition in the School of Engineering is to enable all our students to assume positions of technical leadership and professional responsibility, and to achieve full satisfaction in their jobs, or in graduate studies, upon graduation from Fairfield University.

On behalf of the entire School of Engineering, welcome!

Andres Leonardo Carrano, PhD
Dean, School of Engineering

School Overview


The School of Engineering will be a recognized leader in modern, experiential-based engineering education and known for innovative, applied research that, together, fosters a student-centered and research-focused educational experience that prepares graduates for successful and rewarding careers in service to others.


The School of Engineering is dedicated to: (1) Providing transformative educational experiences that prepare our graduates for successful careers; (2) advancing engineering knowledge through applied research; and, (3) supporting the University’s mission of whole-person development (cura personalis) by inculcating into our students the service-to-humanity character of the engineering profession.


We believe a strong, experientially based curriculum, supported by faculty with an applied research focus leads to:

  • Enhanced academic reputation.
  • Increased scholarship of students and faculty.
  • Students, imbued with the service-to-humanity character of the engineering profession, prepared to meet the future challenges of a rapidly evolving, technology-based society.


“Our Ethics in Action”

Excellence in all we do

Engagement at every level

Innovation across all disciplines

Diversity and Inclusion in all things

Service to Humanity as a lifelong goal

Character as a foundation of Leadership


Entering and continuing students meet with academic advisors to design jointly their schedule of courses. Students review their academic records before course registration each semester with assistance from advisors to keep abreast of their progress. The school provides counseling to students upon request so that their academic goals can be achieved efficiently and economically. Department chairs and program directors are actively involved in student advising and mentoring. Practicing engineers are often invited to participate in mentoring of interdisciplinary teams in the final senior design project.


Out-of-classroom assistance, provided by engineering professionals, and peer tutors is available in the school's tutorial center on a daily basis and a peer led content mastery program in foundational courses began in 2014. A schedule of tutorial/mentoring services is distributed to all students in the beginning of each term.


The offices of the School of Engineering, along with classrooms, primary laboratory and computer facilities are located in the Bannow Science Center. The engineering reference and circulating collection is housed in the University's DiMenna-Nyselius Library. The School's laboratories are equipped with modern instrumentation and are improved annually with financial assistance of the university, the alumni and private foundations. In order to provide an environment for experiential learning that is closely integrated with classroom learning, the School of Engineering laboratories provide the capability for demonstration of phenomena, simulation of processes, measurements, and data management. Finally, a growing number of engineering courses are offered online as needed. The School's website offers information on the School, its programs, courses, and faculty.

Transfer Admission

General Transfer

Students with previous studies at other accredited institutions may apply for transfer to the School of Engineering. Credit for work completed elsewhere, with a grade of C or better, will be granted for equivalent Fairfield courses, in accordance with Fairfield University guidelines. The transfer student must provide an official transcript of all academic work and a catalog with course descriptions from each institution previously attended.

Transfer from Community Colleges

The School of Engineering has articulation agreements with the Connecticut College of Technology embracing the 12 community colleges in Connecticut. Under this agreement, the B.S. degree completion by graduates of community colleges with an engineering associate's degree is greatly facilitated at Fairfield University. Bridge courses to facilitate transfer, and some financial aid to transfers from community colleges, are also offered by the School of Engineering.

School Activities/Relationships with Area Industry

Engineering students at Fairfield University may join the Engineering Student Society, an umbrella organization that embraces student chapters of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Automotive Engineers, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the Society of Women Engineers. Students are encouraged to join ESS and profit from events sponsored by the chapters. Engineering students initiated an Engineers Without Borders student chapter in 2015.

The School of Engineering maintains direct relations with area industries and manufacturers. Students are encouraged to post their resumes on the University's Career Development site, Stage4Hire, and to visit the site often to check for jobs and internships. These open lines of communication encourage the flow of information and support that keeps the engineering curriculum current and relevant to the environment in industry. These contacts are particularly useful to students in the senior design project course where they tackle real-life engineering problems encountered by practicing engineers and become involved in the mainstream of engineering activity.

School of Engineering Executive Advisory Board

The School of Engineering (SOE) receives philanthropic support and strategic guidance from the SOE Advisory Board, a group of men and women in leading positions in industry and education. Additionally, each program area in the SOE receives program development guidance from its program advisory board.