Management of Technology

Fairfield University does not presently have an undergraduate Management of Technology program.   However, students may enroll in the accelerated five-year B.S./M.S. program to gain competencies in engineering management.  This combined degree option prepares the successful graduate  for engineering to assume leadership and management positions in a variety of technical environments.

The Management of Technology program (MSMOT) at Fairfield University serves the needs of professional technologists, engineers and managers in their progression into management-level positions. The program instructs and trains engineers and scientists, and motivated people from any discipline who have a need to make management decisions in a technology environment or will be involved in the management of such functions as technology research and development, product design, manufacturing, human and physical resources, product and system test, information and data analysis, and product and service support.

Engineering management professionals deal with the planning, organization, scheduling, monitoring and control of engineering projects, and can lead to any of the following careers:

  • Technical group leadership in fields such as design, manufacturing, testing and quality.

  • Technical Marketing: interface between engineers who design a product and the public who will need to understand what problems it solves and how it is used.

  • Project Management: interfacing between the engineers who design a project, the workers who build it, the customer, vendors, and executive management. Initiate, monitor and control subcontracts issued to domestic and international organizations.

  • Industrial Systems Engineering: oversee and initiate technical processes in manufacturing settings.

  • Computer Systems Engineering: engage in the evaluation, design and managing the installation of software, hardware, and other types of support equipment into a workable network that supports a variety of functions within an organization.

  • Operations Management: design and manage products, processes, services and supply chains, and the utilization of resources that firms need to deliver goods and services.

Graduates may find employment in a broad variety of technology companies in fields that include telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, consulting, and information technology. The engineering manager applies the concepts and tools of engineering management such as project management, quality management, engineering economics, modeling and simulation, systems engineering and integration, and statistical tools to all of these disciplines. 

A dual degree program offering that further broadens a student’s options is available. The dual degree permits students to pursue the combination of any existing Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree offered by Fairfield University with a Master of Science in the Management of Technology and complete the effort in a five-year time frame. This combination enables students not only to understand engineering, management and business concepts, but also to understand their integration and how the intersection distinctively shapes our world and their careers.

Professors of the Practice

Hoffman, director