Engineering Minor

The general engineering minor curriculum is intended for students outside of engineering. Engineers apply scientific and mathematical principles to design, analyze, develop, test, and manufacture products, services, materials, systems, and processes. Engineers develop innovative and creative ideas to help society solve problems. They make our lives easier, more comfortable, safer, and productive.

The engineering minor provides a vehicle that will expand students' technological literacy and provides the tools that will enable them to understand and participate thoughtfully in today’s world.

To earn a minor in engineering, students complete the following:

MATH 1121Applied Calculus I3-4
or MATH 1141 Calculus I for Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics Majors
or MATH 1171 Calculus I
MATH 1122Applied Calculus II3-4
or MATH 1142 Calculus II for Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics Majors
or MATH 1172 Calculus II
PHYS 1171
General Physics I
and General Physics I Lab
Select two engineering courses with lab, for example the following:8
Introduction to Electric Circuits
and Electric Circuits Lab
Engineering Statics
and Mechanics Lab
Select two additional engineering courses, for example the following:6
Engineering Graphics I
Mathematical Analysis
Materials Science
Principles of Thermodynamics
Total Credits24-26

A 20-credit minor in Computer Science is also available. See the Computer Science section for details.