Computer Science and Engineering

The mission of Fairfield University is to educate its students through a variety of scholarly and professional disciplines. It offers opportunities for individual and common reflection, and it provides training in such essential human skills as analysis, synthesis, and communication. Computational thinking and processes permeate our daily lives, revolutionizing our understanding of the natural world, our tools, and of ourselves. Knowledge of computer science has become highly valued in such diverse fields as psychology, biology, and even philosophy. A degree in Computer Science gives one both marketable skills and intellectual breadth that can be applied to many career choices. At Fairfield, students can pursue multiple degree options as follows: a BA degree in Computer Science, a BS degree in Computer Science, a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, and a minor in Computer Science that makes a strong addition to one's resume. The BS in Computer Science is preparing for accreditation by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET. Additionally, the BS in Computer Science can be continued with a specialization in Software Engineering through a five-year Bachelor and Master dual-degree track, and the BA in Computer Science can be continued with a specialization in Applied Data Science through a five year Bachelor and Master dual-degree.

Fairfield recognizes that learning is a life-long process and sees the education which it provides as the foundation upon which its students may continue to build within their chosen areas of scholarly study or professional development.