Asian Studies

The Asian Studies program focuses on a region that is home to fully half of humanity, the world's most populous democracy, and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The importance of Asia in global, political, and economic systems - and particularly its growing impact on the United States - demands a firm understanding of the history, cultures, politics, religions, and economics of Asian countries. Everyone, regardless of major or profession, will be affected by past, present, and future events and developments in Asia.

Combined with a major in another discipline, the Asian studies minor prepares the student for a career in international business or banking, journalism, teaching, the United States government, or in international organizations, or for further studies in graduate or professional school.

It is also possible, instead of pursuing the minor, for a student with at least a 3.00 GPA to create an Individually Designed Major in Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, or some other relevant focus in Asia-related study. For information, please consult the Individually Designed Major catalog section.

ASST 3990 Independent Study    1-3 Credits

Students undertake an individualized program of study in consultation with a director from the Asian Studies faculty. Previously AN 0301.

ASST 4999 Asian Studies Seminar    3 Credits

Attributes: ANMC Asian Studies Elective

Prerequisite: Junior standing.

This seminar examines selected topics concerning Asia. The course is taught in conjunction with another course from a rotation of course offerings. Consult the Asian Studies director to identify the conjoined course for a given semester. The seminar concentrates on topics within the parameters of the conjoined course syllabus but adds a research emphasis. Students registered for this course must complete a research project, to include 4000-level research, in addition to the regular research requirements of the conjoined course, and a 25-50 page term paper in substitution for some portion of the conjoined course requirements, as determined by the instructor. Previously AN 0310.


Purushotham (History)

Program Faculty

Covaci (Visual and Performing Arts)
Li (History)
Xiao (Visual and Performing Arts)
Zhang, Q. (Communication)
Zhang, Z. (Politics)
Zhao, W. (Communication)