Asian Studies Minor

For a 15-credit minor in Asian Studies, students complete the following:

ASST 4999Asian Studies Seminar 1, 23
Select four courses from the Asian Studies Elective list 3, 412
Total Credits15

Study Abroad in Asia is not required for this minor, but is strongly recommended. Some courses taken abroad may be counted toward the minor with the Asian Studies Director's approval.

Asian Studies Electives

AHST 1102Art of East Asia3
AHST 1104Art of Asia3
CHIN 1110Elementary Chinese I3
CHIN 1111Elementary Chinese II3
CHIN 2210Intermediate Chinese I3
CHIN 2211Intermediate Chinese II3
CHIN 2220Advanced Chinese3
CHIN 2221Reading China3
CHIN 2250/ENGL 1180Modern China Through Fiction and Film3
COMM 2241Communication and Culture: East and West3
ECON 2120Introduction to Environmental Economics3
ECON 3230Comparative Economic Systems3
ECON 3235Economic Development3
ENGL 1180/CHIN 2250Modern China through Fiction and Film3
FTMA 1103Global Cinema3
HIST 2265History of the Indian Subcontinent: Colonialism, Nationalism, and Democracy, c.1857 to Today3
HIST 2266Gandhi and Non-Violent Revolution in the 20th Century3
HIST 2278Cultural History of China's Relations with the United States3
HIST 2279China from the Classical Time to the 1800s3
HIST 2285Modern China: 1800 to Present3
HIST 2286Rise of Modern Japan: 1800 to Present3
HIST 3366Gender, Culture, and Representation: Women in China and Japan, 1600 to Present3
HIST 3367East Asia in 20th-Century American Wars3
HIST 3368Ideas in Action: Decolonization in World History3
PHIL 2240Introduction to Asian Philosophies3
PHIL 2241Confucianism3
POLI 2256Asian Politics3
RLST 1801Asian Religions3
RLST 1802Buddhism3
RLST 2880Hinduism3
RLST 2883Buddhist Spirituality3
RLST 2886Buddhism in the United States3
RLST 2889Tantrism3