Irish Studies Minor

For a 15-credit minor in Irish Studies, students complete the following:

Select one of the following:3
Irish Literature 1
Ireland: Middle Ages to the Present 2
Ireland Since the Famine 2
Select four additional Irish Studies electives, one of which must be a capstone Independent Study, any subject related to Ireland.12
Total Credits15

Students who choose ENGL 1610 may take up to two additional English courses and must take the remaining two courses in different fields.


Students who choose HIST 2215 or HIST 3315 may take up to three additional courses in English, with the remaining course(s) in a field other than English or history.


  • Subject to the Irish Studies Program Director's approval, students may apply up to three courses (9 credits) taken at NUI Galway towards their minor in Irish Studies.
  • While studying abroad is not required for completion of the Irish Studies minor, students are encouraged to do so.
  • Irish Studies courses are offered in a variety of fields and disciplines. Please contact the program director for a course list and descriptions.

Irish Studies Electives

AHST 1121Celtic and Early Irish Art3
AHST 2221Arts of Ireland and the British Isles, 500-10003
ENGL 1420Myths and Legends of Ireland and Britain3
ENGL 1610Irish Literature3
ENGL 1620Irish Women Writers3
ENGL 3019James Joyce3
HIST 2215Ireland: Middle Ages to the Present3
HIST 3315Ireland Since the Famine3
PSYC 2740Drugs, Brain and Behavior (when taken at Fairfield Center with University of Galway)3

Student Learning Outcomes

Students minoring in Irish Studies should be able to:

  • Express, orally and in writing, the significant connections between literature, history, politics, and art.
  • Articulate the complexity of another culture (social, political, religious, economic) using the example of Ireland.
  • Explain clearly and in depth the social, political, and religious problems that confronted and still do confront Irish people, including the role of literary and artistic production in the country’s troubled history.
  • Examine, with fluency, Irish historical documents, poems, works of art, and literary prose, and to analyze them vis a vis their contexts and their meanings for the individual and society.