Theatre Minor

For an 18-credit minor in theatre, students complete the following:

All Theatre Minors take five 3-credit foundational courses to prepare them for more advanced study:
THTR 1011Exploring Theatre3
THTR 1030Acting I3
THTR 1111Great Theatre of the World: Sophocles, Shoguns and Shakespeare3
or THTR 1112 Great Theatre of the World: Henrik, Hanuman, and Hamilton
THTR/FTMA 1150Entertainment Technology3
or THTR/FTMA 1152 Costume Construction for Stage & Screen
THTR/FTMA 1155Design for Stage & Screen3
One additional required course3
Choose at least one more 3-credit course from the list below, selected in consultation with your Theatre faculty advisor and tailored to your career talents and interests. Students are welcome to take as many additional courses, from the list below, as they desire.
Total Credits18
Performance Courses:
Acting I
Modern and Contemporary Dance
Acting for the Camera
Folk and Social Dance
Advanced Acting
Special Topics (in Performance)
Design and Technology Courses:
Entertainment Technology
Costume Construction for Stage & Screen
Theatrical Makeup for Stage & Screen
Design for Stage & Screen
Scene Painting
Costume Design
Stage Lighting
Scene Design
Special Topics (in Design)
Special Topics (in Technology)
Theatre History, Literature, Playwrighting, and Theory:
Creative Writing: Drama
Exploring Theatre
Great Theatre of the World: Sophocles, Shoguns and Shakespeare
Great Theatre of the World: Henrik, Hanuman, and Hamilton
American Women Playwrights
American Drama
Theatre in Production
American Musical Theatre: History and Practice
Fashion Forward: A History of Fashionable Dress in Global Context
Special Topics (in History, Literature, Theory)
Theatre Capstone
Art Administration
Theatre Management
Special Topics (in Management and Administration)
Internships and Independent Studies
Independent Study
Theatre Minor Production Requirements
Practicums offered:
All Theatre Minors must be involved in at least half of Theatre Fairfield productions--in a variety of leadership roles. We award one-credit Practicums for every role fulfilled, both on and off stage, in our productions. The minimum requirement for Minors, in their four years, is a total of five practicum credits. These may be any combination of Performance and Production, based on the student's interests. Students may earn as many practicum credits in their four years at Fairfield as they wish.
Theatre Fairfield Performance Practicum
Theatre Fairfield Production Practicum