Sports Media Major

For a 30-credit major in sports media, students complete the following:

COMM 1108Sports Broadcasting and Remote Television Production3
COMM 2237Sports, Media, and Culture3
COMM 2250Sports Media Industry3
ENGL 1872Introduction to Sports Writing3
ENGL 3370Sports Journalism3
ENGL 4960Independent Writing Project3
or ENGL 4980 Internship
or COMM 4980 Internship
or COMM 4990 Independent Study
Select four elective courses from the list below 112
Total Credits30

Sports Media Electives

COMM 1102Introduction to Public Relations3
COMM 2220Introduction to Organizational Communication3
COMM 2231Media Institutions3
COMM 2236Gender, Sexuality, and Media3
COMM 2252Broadcast Communication3
COMM 3324Crisis Communication3
COMM 3325Organizational Communication and Advertising3
ENGL 1870News Writing3
ENGL 2370News Writing II: Digital Design3
ENGL 2382The Power of Podcasting3
ENGL 3320Writing the Feature Story3
ENGL 3340Photojournalism3
ENGL 3360Literary Journalism3
ENGL 4951Journalism Practicum3
FTMA 1011Introduction to Film and Video Production3
FTMA 1232Studio and Field Television Production3
FTMA 2131Intermediate Film Production3
FTMA 2231Documentary Film Production3
FTMA 2234Directing for Film, TV, Media3
FTMA 2235New Media Workshop3
HIST 2246Women and Gender in U.S. History3
HIST 2264African-American History, 1865 to Present3
PHYS 1089Physics of Sport3
POLI 2111Media and Politics3
POLI 2334Sex, Sexuality, and Gender3
POLI 2336Politics of Race, Class, and Gender3
SOCI 1135Race, Gender, and Ethnic Relations3
SOCI 2115Women: Work and Sport3