Public Relations Major

The study of Public Relations at Fairfield University focuses on clear, effective and ethical communication that creates change and advocates for those with the least access to wider audiences. The study of public relations is not simply about press releases or “spin,” but instead about understanding how various communication channels and platforms are used to effectively communicate. Public Relations at Fairfield University is concerned with ethical argument and advocacy, clear writing, understanding interpersonal relationships, and thinking critically about how to shape stories aimed at specific stakeholders.

By completing a major in Public Relations students will be able to:

  1. Apply the principles of primary and secondary research to public relations situations.
  2. Apply basic public relations theories and principles to practice.
  3. Create effective public relations and crisis management plans across media platforms utilizing clear and effective writing.
  4. Deliver clear and effective presentations.
  5. Create ethically sound and socially responsible public relations plans.
  6. Synthesize broader liberal arts knowledge in the service of public relations plans.
  7. Identify optimal means of communication across various media platforms and channels, audience and situational contexts.
  8. Critically evaluate the work of others for clarity, appropriate style, ethical soundness and sensitivity.