U.S. Government Minor

The minor in United States Government offers students the opportunity to explore critical issues in the theory and practice of U.S. federal governmental institutions. Open to all students, including politics majors, the minor focuses exclusively on the Congress, Presidency,  Supreme Court and federal court system, federal government agencies, political parties, and related institutions and issues. As such, the minor provides a specialized, easily navigable, multidisciplinary, and curated set of courses that help prepare students for graduate school or internships and jobs with state and federal government agencies, consulting and advocacy organizations, and the offices of elected officials.

The 15 credit minor consists of three required courses and two electives. No more than two courses can also count toward a major.

Required Courses
POLI 2104American Presidency3
POLI 2105United States Congress3
POLI 2106Supreme Court I3
Elective Courses. Two of the following from two different departments:6
Public Relations Management and Campaigns
Money and Banking
Public Finance
20th Century United States
Supreme Court II
Political Parties and Interest Groups
American Public Policy
American Political Thought
The Battle Over Family Values in American Politics
War on Voting: Election Laws and Administration in the United States
Sociology of Law
Death Penalty in America
Criminal Justice System Seminar
Total Credits15