Campaigns and Elections Minor

A minor in Campaigns and Elections offers students an opportunity to explore critical issues in the theory and practice of political campaigns and elections in the United States. Courses in this multi-disciplinary minor prepare students for internships, jobs, and graduate programs in the professional field of campaigns and elections.

In the required courses, students learn the foundation of US campaigns and elections. After completing the foundational courses, students will know the operation of political campaigns drawing from both rigorous studies within political science as well as the seasoned experience of successful political operatives. They will also understand the design and operation of elections in the United States, including the laws, rules, and practices surrounding who can vote, when and by what means, and how such laws, rules, and practices can affect turnout and demographics of who votes. The electives for the Campaigns and Elections minor provide students with a tailored set of courses that build professional skills. The elective allow students to target their particular interests related to US campaigns and elections. Politics majors can complete the minor in Campaigns and Elections but only two courses used to complete the minor can also be used to fulfill requirements in the Politics major.

For a 15-credit minor in Campaigns and Elections, students complete the following:

POLI 2114Public Opinion and Polling3
POLI 2115Campaigns and Elections3
POLI 4310War on Voting: Election Laws and Administration in the United States3
Select two elective courses from the following (from two different departments):6
Introduction to Public Relations
Public Relations Management and Campaigns
Regional Economic Development
Urban Economics
Public Finance
Professional Presentations: Writing and Delivery
Persuasive Writing
Principles of Marketing
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Media Strategy
Political Parties and Interest Groups
Media and Politics
Women in Politics
Grant Writing
Total Credits15