Politics Major

New Curriculum

This curriculum applies to students in the Class of 2022 and later.

For a 30-credit major in Politics, students complete the following:

Note: Many students choose to enroll in more than the minimum number of courses to complete the major.

Foundational Courses
POLI 1101Introduction to American Politics3
POLI 1102Introduction to Comparative Politics3
POLI 1103Introduction to Political Ideas That Shape the World3
POLI 1104Introduction to International Relations3
Upper Level Courses 1
Select one course in American Politics3
Select one course in Comparative Politics3
Select one course in International Relations3
Select one course in Political Theory3
Professional Development Course
Select one course from the following: 23
Humanitarian and Disaster Response Field Training
Research Methods
State Legislature Internship
Washington Semester Internship
Statistics: Social and Political Data Analysis
Methods of Research Design
Seminar Course
Select one 4000-level politics course3
Total Credits30

Thematic Elements

As noted, students have the option of grouping their 2000- and 4000-level courses from one or more of the following themes:

Globalization and Inequality
POLI 2102Urban Politics3
POLI 2108Political Parties and Interest Groups3
POLI 2111Media and Politics3
POLI 2334Sex, Sexuality, and Gender3
POLI 2251Islam and Muslim Politics3
POLI 2253Latin American Politics3
POLI 2258Political Violence3
POLI 2259The Development Gap3
POLI 2474International Environmental Policies3
POLI 2475Climate Change: International Policy and Politics3
POLI 2477Globalization3
POLI 2479Threats to Global Security in the 21st Century3
POLI 4304Seminar on Global Environmental Politics3
POLI 4314International Perspectives on International Politics: Moving Beyond Western Paradigms3
Law and Justice
POLI 2103Public Administration3
POLI 2106Supreme Court I3
POLI 2107Supreme Court II3
POLI 2109American Public Policy3
POLI 2332Utopian Politics3
POLI 2333American Political Thought3
POLI 2250European Politics and the European Union3
POLI 2471United Nations Security Council Crisis Simulation3
POLI 2478International Law3
POLI/INST 2481International Human Rights3
POLI 4310War on Voting: Election Laws and Administration in the United States3
Power and Political Action
POLI 2104American Presidency3
POLI 2105United States Congress3
POLI 2112United States Environmental Politics and Policy3
POLI 2113State and Local Government3
POLI 2114Public Opinion and Polling3
POLI 2115Campaigns and Elections3
POLI 2331Introduction to Peace and Justice3
POLI 2335Modern Political Ideologies3
POLI 2336Politics of Race, Class, and Gender3
POLI 2252African Politics3
POLI 2255Middle East Politics3
POLI 2256Asian Politics3
POLI 2257Northern Ireland: Politics of War and Peace3
POLI 2261Authoritarianism and Film3
POLI 2472Politics of Humanitarian Action3
POLI 2473Humanitarian and Disaster Response Field Training3
POLI 2476United States Foreign Policy3
POLI 2480Border Politics3

Previous Curriculum

This curriculum applies to students in the Class of 2021 and earlier.

For a 30-credit major in Politics, students complete the following:

POLI 1101Introduction to American Politics (formerly PO 0011)3
POLI 1102Introduction to Comparative Politics (formerly PO 0012)3
POLI 1103Introduction to Political Ideas That Shape the World (formerly PO 0014)3
Select seven upper-level politics courses, including at least one course in each of the following areas:21
American Politics
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Political Theory
Total Credits30

Magis Core Curriculum

Beginning with the Class of 2023, all undergraduate students will be required to complete the Magis Core Curriculum. Please refer to the Curricula section of this undergraduate catalog for a detailed explanation of the Magis Core.