Environmental Studies Minor

For an 18-credit minor in environmental studies, students complete the following:

Natural Sciences
Select one of the following:3
Biology of Food
Environmental Science
Chemistry, Energy, and the Environment
Social Sciences
Select one of the following:3
Environmental Law and Policy
Introduction to Environmental Economics
International Environmental Policy
Select one of the following:3
Environmental Ethics
American Literature and the Environment
The Greenworld: English Literature and the Environment
Environmental Studies Elective Courses
Select two elective courses not already used to satisfy another requirement6
Capstone Course
EVST 4001Environment Workshop 13
Total Credits18

In rare cases, and with the prior written permission from the Director, students may fulfill the capstone requirement with EVST 3980 Internship or EVST 3990 Independent Study.

Environmental Studies Electives

AETH 2283Environmental Justice3
AETH 2284Environmental Ethics3
BIOL 1074Biology of Food3
BIOL 1075Ecology and Society3
BIOL 1076Environmental Science3
BIOL 1078Introduction to Marine Science3
BIOL 2218Vertebrate Zoology3
BIOL 2260Ecology4
BIOL 3319Zoology Field Experience3
BIOL 3364Freshwater Ecology4
BIOL 3366Ornithology4
BIOL 3372Environmental Toxicology4
BUSN 3220Environmental Law and Policy3
ECON 2120Introduction to Environmental Economics3
CHEM 1085Chemistry, Energy, and the Environment3
CHEM 2282Chemical Analysis3
CHEM 3326Chemical Instrumentation3
ECON 3225Applied Environmental Economics3
ENGL 1210American Literature and the Environment3
ENGL 1430The Greenworld: English Literature and the Environment3
EVST 2005Campus Sustainability3
EVST 2900Special Topics (Shell)3
EVST 3980Internship1-3
EVST 3990Independent Study1-3
MEEG 2207Materials Science3
POLI 2112United States Environmental Politics and Policy3
POLI 2474International Environmental Policy3
POLI 2475Climate Change: International Policy and Politics3
POLI 4304Seminar on Global Environmental Politics3
PHYS 1090Physics of the Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate3
PHYS 1093Energy and Environment3
PHYS 2265Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics3