Environmental Studies Major

The Environmental Studies curriculum robust and interdisciplinary. Majors complete foundation courses in the natural sciences humanities and social sciences, a professional skill acquisition course, three electives, and a capstone.

To ensure additional disciplinary depth, all Environmental Studies majors also fulfill the requirements for a complementary major or minor in another department or interdisciplinary program. Popular choices include Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communications, Economics, English, International Studies, Finance, Marketing, Politics, Public Administration, Sociology, Anthropology, and several regional studies programs. Students may double-count Environmental Studies courses toward these majors and minors as well as University core curriculum requirements.

Students who study abroad can work with the Program Director and their advisor to match courses taken overseas with Environmental Studies and core curriculum requirements. The Program also works with students to identify and prepare for internships in local and state government, non-governmental organizations, businesses, scientific organizations, law firms, media, and other locations. Students also have opportunities to conduct research and do internships in locations around the world through Fairfield's study abroad programs.

Natural Science Foundations
BIOL 1074Biology of Food 13
BIOL/CHEM 1076Environmental Science3
CHEM 1085Chemistry, Energy, and the Environment 23
Select one Natural Science elective from the following:3
Ecology and Society
Introduction to Marine Science
Vertebrate Zoology
Zoology Field Experience
Freshwater Ecology
Environmental Toxicology
Chemical Analysis
Chemical Instrumentation
Materials Science
Physics of the Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate
Energy and Environment
Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Social Science and Humanities Foundations
AETH 2284Environmental Ethics3
ECON 2120Introduction to Environmental Economics3
Select one Environmental Policy and Law course from the following:3
Environmental Law and Policy
United States Environmental Politics and Policy
International Environmental Policies
Select one Social Science and Humanities elective from the following:3
Environmental Justice
Environmental Law and Policy
Applied Environmental Economics
American Literature and the Environment
The Greenworld: English Literature and the Environment
United States Environmental Politics and Policy
International Environmental Policies
Climate Change: International Policy and Politics
Seminar on Global Environmental Politics
Environmental Studies Electives
Select three additional courses from the list of Natural Science or Social Science and Humanities electives above or the courses below.9
Campus Sustainability
Special Topics (Shell)
Independent Study
Applied Professional Skills
Select one course from a group that includes courses in proposal and grant writing, leadership, management, negotiation, risk communication, statistical analysis, modeling, and research methods.3
EVST 4001Environment Workshop 33
Total Credits39

Magis Core Curriculum

Beginning with the Class of 2023, all undergraduate students will be required to complete the Magis Core Curriculum. Please refer to the Curricula section of this undergraduate catalog for a detailed explanation of the Magis Core.

A number of courses that fulfill requirements in the Environmental Studies program also fulfill requirements in the Magis Core.