Editing and Publishing Minor

This minor is open to students in any major, providing in-depth and scholarly explorations in the academic program along with practical skills in editing, page design, and publishing. After taking foundational courses, many students work on staff at Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose and then use that experience to gain internships and employment in publishing outlets in Fairfield County and New York City, the center of publishing in the United States. The curriculum offers two foundational courses and three courses from a list of options, including the internship course. Please note that only two courses may double-count with the English major.

For a 15-credit minor in Editing and Publishing, students will complete the following:

ENGL 2380Journalism Editing and Design3
ENGL 3140World of Publishing3
Select three courses from the following: 19
Creative Writing: Poetry I
Creative Writing: Fiction I
Creative Writing: Nonfiction I
Business Writing
Contemporary Children's Literature
Writing and Responding
Issues in Professional Writing 2
Publishing Practicum 3
Internship 4
Total Credits15