Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Major

For a 30-credit major in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, students much complete the following:

WGSS 1101Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3
Eight elective courses selected from the list below: 24
WGSS 4999Capstone Seminar3
Total Credits30

One of the electives may be WGSS 3980 - Internship in WGSS 

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Electives

AETH 2283Environmental Justice3
ANTH 1125Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation3
BIOL 1071Identity and the Human Genome3
COMM 2236Gender, Sexuality, and Media3
COMM 2246Family Communication3
COMM 3245Identities, Discourse, and Social Change3
COMM 3323Gender and Organizing3
ECON 2114Economics of Race, Class, and Gender in the American Workplace3
ENGL 1200American Women Playwrights3
ENGL/CLST 1270Romantic Love in Greek and Roman Literature3
ENGL 1300Literature by Women: Vision and Revision3
ENGL 1310Contemporary Women Writers of Color3
ENGL 1620Irish Women Writers3
ENGL 1710Literature and the Visual Arts 13
ENGL 2016Victorian Poetry and Poetics 13
ENGL 2033American Women Writers of the 19th Century3
ENGL 2045Edith Wharton and Her Circle3
ENGL 2063African American Women Writers3
ENGL 2075Modern Women Writers3
ENGL 2083Asian Diasporas: Challenges to Citizenship3
ENGL 2091Gender and Sexuality in Film and Literature3
ENGL 3014Renaissance Eros3
ENGL 3036Seminar on Toni Morrison3
ENGL 3072All About Eve3
ENGL 3074The Woman Question: Early Feminism and 19th Century Transatlantic Literature3
ENGL 3075Caribbean Women Writers3
ENGL 3076Global Women's Fiction3
ENGL 3077Urban Texts and Contexts: NYC3
FTMA 2201Filmmaker Studies (Women Directors)3
FTMA 2209Gender, Sexuality, and Cinema3
HIST 1146Women's History as U.S. History3
HIST 2240The Personal Is Political: Women's Activism in the 1960s3
HIST 2245Feminism in the United States3
HIST 2246Women and Gender in U.S. History3
HIST 2247Family and Sexuality in U.S. History3
HIST 2257Who Built America? Working People in America3
HIST 2263Inventing Themselves: African-American Women in U.S. History3
HIST 3346Saints, Sinners, and Sisters: Women and Religion in American History3
HIST 3366Gender, Culture, and Representation: Women in China and Japan, 1600 to Present3
NURS 3314Maternal and Newborn Nursing4
PHIL 2206Philosophical Perspectives on Women in Classical Literature3
PHIL 2281Philosophies of Love and Sex3
PHIL 2282Violence and the Sacred3
PHIL 2283Philosophy and Pornography3
POLI 2334Sex, Sexuality, and Gender3
POLI 2336Politics of Race, Class, and Gender3
POLI 4301The Battle Over Family Values in American Politics3
POLI 4302Seminar on Feminist Theory3
POLI/INST 4303Gender, War, and Peace3
PSYC 2330Gender and Mental Health3
RLST 2115Women in Judaism3
RLST 2205Women in the Bible3
RLST 2336Catholicism and Gender3
SOCI 1115Sociology of the Family 13
SOCI 1120Sociology of Sexuality3
SOCI 1130Feminism, Gender, and Everyday Life3
SOCI 1135Race, Gender, and Ethnic Relations 13
SOCI 2115Women: Work and Sport3
THTR 1200American Women Playwrights3
WGSS 1101Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3
WGSS 3980Internship3
WGSS 4999Capstone Seminar3
WGSS 4990Independent Study1-3