Public Administration Minor

The minor consists of six courses. Four required courses provide foundational knowledge of the theory and practice of public administration, the operation of state and local governments, policy research, and grant writing. Students select two elective courses tailored to their particular interest or specific issue areas related to the public sector. Each course develops key skills necessary for public sector work while providing different disciplinary approaches. Politics majors can complete the minor in Public Administration but only two courses used to complete the minor can also be used to fulfill requirements in the Politics major.

The electives allow students to gain knowledge and develop skills specific to an issue area that interests them, and perhaps intersects with one of their other majors or minors. The issue areas include many of current importance to the public sector. The city government electives focuses on public administration at often the most basic level of government. The criminal justice electives focuses on issues and practices within the US criminal justice system. Disaster and Emergency Management provides students with awareness and training to effectively prepare for and respond to moments of crisis. The economic development electives provide skills necessary to manage the finances of public sector organizations. The environmental policy electives focuses specifically on the intersections of US environmental issues and the public sector. A growing area of the public sector is nonprofits and NGO’s, which the nonprofit management electives focus on. The public health electives focuses on healthcare and health issues within the public sector.

For an 18-19 credit minor in Public Administration, students complete the following:

POLI 2103Public Administration3
POLI 2113State and Local Government3
Select one course in public sector research methods from the following:3-4
Research Methods
Methods of Research Design
Statistics: Social and Political Data Analysis
Select one course in grant and proposal writing from the following:3
Grant Writing for the Social Sciences
Grant and Proposal Writing
Grant Writing 1
Select two elective courses from one of the topic areas listed below6
Total Credits18-19

Public Administration Electives 

City Government 2
ECON 2185Regional Economic Development3
ECON 3224Labor Economics and Labor Relations3
POLI 2102City Politics3
POLI 2109American Public Policy3
PUAD 5410Financial Management and Budgeting 13
SOCI 1140Urban/Suburban Sociology: NYC3
SOCI 2110Race, Cities, and Poverty3
Criminal Justice
PHIL 2264Philosophy of Law3
SOCI 2200Criminology3
SOCI 2210Sociology of Law3
SOCI 2215Death Penalty in America3
SOCI 2220Criminal Justice System Seminar3
Disaster and Emergency Management
AETH 2272Ethics of Humanitarian Action3
PUBH 2201Public Health, Disease, and Injury3
PUBH 2240Introduction to Global Public Health3
POLI 2472Politics of Humanitarian Action3
POLI 2473Humanitarian and Disaster Response Field Training 33
Economic Development
ECON 2185Regional Economic Development3
ECON 3252Urban Economics3
ECON 3276Public Finance3
Environmental Policy
BUSN 3220Environmental Law and Policy3
ECON 2120Introduction to Environmental Economics3
ECON 3225Applied Environmental Economics3
POLI 2112United States Environmental Politics and Policy3
POLI 2474International Environmental Policies3
Nonprofit Management
ACCT 3380Not-for-Profit Accounting3
MGMT 3240Leading and Managing People3
MGMT 4336Social Entrepreneurship3
MGMT 4370Managing Non-Profit Organizations3
PUAD 5430Economics of the Nonprofit Sector 13
Public Health
COMM 3248Health Communication3
COMM 3348Health Risk Communication3
ECON 2140Health Economics3
PUBH 1101Public Health and Social Justice3
PUBH 2201Public Health, Disease, and Injury3
PUBH 2240Introduction to Global Public Health3
PUBH 3303Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation3