German Major

For a 30-credit major in German, students complete the following:

Select at least 7 courses taught in German 121
Select up to 2 courses taught in English, either from the department's offerings or from the list of approved courses in other departments6
Select one capstone taught in English3
Total Credits30

German majors also are encouraged to study abroad in Germany with Fairfield's program in Berlin during their junior year or in the summer. The final course for the German major must be taken at Fairfield University.

The following list of courses taught in English has been approved to count toward the German major and minor:

AHST 1191Art and Mythologies of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Bolshevik Russia: Comparative Systems & Outcomes3
ENGL 1130Literature of the Holocaust3
HIST 1112Germany Between Dictatorship and Democracy3
HIST 2210The Third Reich3
HIST 2212Modern Germany: From Reich to Republic3
HIST 3304The Holocaust in History and Memory3
MUSC 1124Bach and Beethoven3
PHIL 3311Kant3

Magis Core Curriculum

Beginning with the Class of 2023, all undergraduate students will be required to complete the Magis Core Curriculum. Please refer to the Curricula section of this undergraduate catalog for a detailed explanation of the Magis Core.