Liberal and Professional Studies Major

Degree Requirements

Complete a minimum total of 120 credits with a GPA of 2.00 or better. At least 45 of those credits must be taken at Fairfield University, including:

  • Meeting the requirements of the BLPS Program Core Curriculum or the Magis Core Curriculum
  • Completing nine upper-level major courses. Students will work with a faculty advisor to customize their major curriculum to best serve their academic interests. No more than four courses can be taken in any one subject.
  • Completing LBPS 4999 Senior Project. Students will complete a senior research project on a topic of their choosing, and relevant to their interdisciplinary coursework in the major. Working with a faculty advisor of their choosing, this independent senior research project is designed to focus on a topic involving social, institutional and/or pollical forces that shape the world.

Liberal and Professional Studies Core Curriculum Requirements

Students in the BLPS must complete Fairfield's general education requirements. Students beginning their Liberal and Professional Studies major in the fall of 2019 or later, and who begin the program with 30 or fewer credits, follow the Magis Core Curriculum.