Islamic World Studies Minor

For a 15-credit minor in Islamic World Studies, students complete the following:

Select five elective courses in Islamic World Studies from the list below15
Total Credits15

Islamic World Studies Electives

HIST 1106Imperialism and Colonialism3
HIST 2265History of the Indian Subcontinent: Colonialism, Nationalism, and Democracy, c.1857 to Today3
HIST 2280The West and the Middle East3
HIST 2281Portrait of the Arabs3
HIST 3371Arab-Israeli Conflict3
HIST 3373History of North Africa Since 17003
RLST 1270Qur'an as Scripture and Experience3
RLST 1701Introduction to Islam3
RLST 2750Islamic Ethical and Legal Thought3
RLST 2760Islam in America3
RLST 2730Islamic Theology3
RLST 2795Islam, Race, Power3
Social Sciences
ANTH 1120Islamic Societies and Cultures3
POLI 2251Islam and Muslim Politics3
POLI 2255Middle East Politics3
POLI 4305Seminar on the Middle East3
ARBC 1110Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I3
ARBC 1111Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II3
ARBC 2210Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I3
ARBC 2211Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic II3


  1. Study of the Arabic language is not required for the minor.
  2. Only one course in Arabic may count towards the minor.
  3. Students may petition for certain courses to count toward the minor if there is appropriate and sufficient related content. The Director of the Islamic World Studies Minor will evaluate each petition on a case-by-case basis.