History Major

For a 30-credit major in history, students complete the following:

Select one 1000-level course3
Select a minimum of nine upper-division history courses (2000-level and above), including:27
Four courses designated advanced (3000-level)
Two courses in European history, two in U.S. history, and two in non-Western history (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East)
At least one course focusing on a period prior to 1750
At least one course focusing primarily on a period after 1750
Total Credits30

Educational Studies Minor

History majors and minors who elect a minor in Educational Studies and who have been admitted to the 5-year Integrated Bachelors-Masters Degree and Teacher Certification Program will fulfill the State of Connecticut content requirements for certification in Social Studies through their coursework for the History major or minor, plus 18 credits in other social sciences. Please consult with Dr. Cecelia Bucki in the Department of History and Dr. Ryan Colwell, Director of Education Minor and 5-Year Teacher Preparation Program, GSEAP. For additional information, see the catalog entry for the program inĀ Education.

Magis Core Curriculum

Beginning with the Class of 2023, all undergraduate students will be required to complete the Magis Core Curriculum. Please refer to the Curricula section of this undergraduate catalog for a detailed explanation of the Magis Core.