Catholic Studies Minor

For a 15-credit minor in Catholic Studies, students complete the following:

RLST 1402Introduction to Catholicism3
or RLST 2448 Faith and Reason: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition
Choose four additional Catholic Studies electives, including:12
At least two additional courses in Religious Studies
At least one course outside of Religious Studies
Total Credits15

Catholic Studies Electives

AHST 1120Medieval Art: Catacombs to Cathedrals3
AHST 1121Celtic and Early Irish Art3
AHST 1130Early Renaissance Art in Italy3
AHST 1131High Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy3
AHST 2221Arts of Ireland and the British Isles, 500-10003
AHST 2222Byzantine Art3
BIOL 1096God and Modern Biology3
ENGL 1150Dante3
ENGL 1610Irish Literature3
ENGL 1620Irish Women Writers3
ENGL 2011Age of Chaucer3
ENGL 3011Chaucer's Canterbury Tales3
ENGL 3019James Joyce3
ENGL 3072All About Eve3
HIST 1188Colonial Latin America, 1492-18003
HIST 2203European Society in the Middle Ages3
HIST 2205Anti-Semitism: Medieval to Modern3
HIST 2215Ireland: Middle Ages to the Present3
ITLN 2289Dante3
PHIL 2220Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 2221The Question of Theology3
PHIL 2223The Problem of God3
PHIL 2282Violence and the Sacred3
PHIL 3304Aquinas3
POLI 2257Northern Ireland: Politics of War and Peace3
POLI 2331Introduction to Peace and Justice3
RLST 1402Introduction to Catholicism3
RLST 1601Religion in the United States3
RLST 2220Writings of Paul3
RLST 2221Good News of the Gospels3
RLST 2222Writings of John3
RLST 2331The Problem of God3
RLST 2335Liberation Theology3
RLST 2336Catholicism and Gender3
RLST 2338Evil3
RLST 2339Last Things: Catholic Belief in Life After Death3
RLST 2428Early Christianity3
RLST 2440The Medieval Church3
RLST 2441Encountering God in Medieval Christian Thought3
RLST 2443The Papacy3
RLST 2445The Reformation Era3
RLST 2448Faith and Reason: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition3
RLST 2544Finding God in All Things3
RLST 2552Contemporary Moral Problems3
RLST 2555Catholic Social Teaching3
RLST 2557Christian Spirituality3
RLST 2559Saints and Sinners: Images of Holiness in Contemporary Fiction3
RLST 2649American Catholic Theologians3
RLST 2668American Catholic History3