Business (BU)

BU 0211 Legal Environment of Business3 Credits

Prerequisite: Junior standing.

This course examines the broad philosophical as well as practical nature and function of the legal system, and introduces students to the legal and social responsibilities of business. The course includes an introduction to the legal system, the federal courts, Constitutional law, the United States Supreme Court, the civil process, and regulatory areas such as employment discrimination, protection of the environment, and corporate governance and securities markets.

BU 0220 Environmental Law and Policy3 Credits

Attributes: EVME Environmental Studies Major Elective, EVPE Environmental Studies Elective, EVSS Environmental Studies: Social Science, MGEL Management: General Elective

This course surveys issues arising out of federal laws designed to protect the environment and manage resources. It considers in detail the role of the Environmental Protection Agency in the enforcement of environmental policies arising out of such laws as the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Clear Air Act, among others. The course also considers the impact of Congress, political parties, bureaucracy, and interest groups in shaping environmental policy, giving special attention to the impact of environmental regulation on business and private property rights.

BU 0311 The Law of Contracts, Sales, and Property3 Credits

Prerequisite: BU 0211.

This course examines the components of common law contracts including the concepts of offer and acceptance, consideration, capacity and legality, assignment of rights and delegation of duties, as well as discharge of contracts. The course covers Articles 2 and 2A of the Uniform Commercial Code relating to leases, sales of goods, and warranties. The course also considers personal and real property, and bailments.

BU 0312 The Law of Business Organizations and Financial Transactions3 Credits

Prerequisite: BU 0211.

This course offers an analysis of legal principles related to the law of agency, sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, and other business forms. The second half of the course addresses several sections of the Uniform Commercial Code, such as negotiable instruments, bank collections and deposits and secured transactions. Finally, the course examines the law of suretyship, debtor-creditor relationships, and bankruptcy.

BU 0320 Employment Law and Discrimination in the Workplace3 Credits

Attributes: MGEL Management: General Elective, UDIV U.S. Diversity

This course examines a variety of legal issues related to the workplace including the doctrine of employment at will, employee privacy, and the history and development of labor unions and the legal protections afforded by the National Labor Relations Act. A study of the role of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in eradicating discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, age, and disability occupies a major portion of the course. Other employment issues include affirmative action, worker safety, and compensation.

BU 0391 Seminar in Business Law and Ethics3 Credits

Prerequisites: AE 0291, BU 0211, two additional courses in law or applied ethics.

This interdisciplinary study of these two aspects of the business environment is cross-listed as AE 0391. Topics focus on the interaction of law and ethics, and the regulatory public policy issues in such areas as multiculturalism, work and family, the environment, product safety, international business, and advertising. This course is the capstone experience for students earning a minor in business law and ethics.