Health Studies (HS)

HS 0101 Introduction to Health Studies3 Credits

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or higher.

This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to the evolution of healthcare in America. The course will apply a social science lens to the assessment of various healthcare co-cultures, including: providers, patients, and insurers. The impact of technology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices on patient longevity, wellness, and disease management will be explored. In addition, the dialectical tensions created by acute care/disease-focused vs. quality-of-life/wellness-centric healthcare delivery models will be examined. The evolving economic burdens of: an aging population, uninsured Americans, expanding technology, provider specialization, and fewer healthcare gatekeepers on the U.S. healthcare system will also be assessed.

HS 0200 Health Communication for Healthcare Professionals3 Credits

Attributes: HSSS Health Studies: Social Science

Prerequisite: Juniors or senior standing.

This course will examine the processes and complexities of health communication with an applied focus. The primary purpose of this course is to provide an understanding of the methods and symbols used to communicate information about health. The course will evaluate and explore the multidimensional processes used to create, maintain, and transform complex scientific realities into everyday healthcare information for providers, patients, families, etc. In addition, students are required to do 20 hours of service learning at the VA Hospital in West Haven, CT. Open only to Nursing majors and Health Studies minors. Previously CO 0248H.

HS 0399 Health Studies Capstone3 Credits

Prerequisites: HS 0101; completion of at least two health studies electives.

The Health Studies Capstone allows the student to integrate and reflect on the wealth of information learned in HS 0101 and the three elective courses in the minor. Students will undertake an independent research project in some area of Health Studies, and through discussions with the professor and other students, dissect and analyze their theme from a broad range of perspectives. The project will culminate with both a written paper, and an oral or poster presentation at the annual Health Studies symposium in the spring. Enrollment by permission only.