Public Health (PB)

PB 0101 Public Health and Social Justice3 Credits

Health is broadly considered a human right and universal access to care is a core target of Public Health. Improving health often requires population-level interventions. As such, addressing disparities is to a significant extent a public health challenge. This course illuminates the social justice dimension of public health practice. It will familiarize the student with key documents that support public health action to address health disparities and equip students to more effectively advance public health through not only public health practice, but also through other health disciplines, health law, health economics, diplomacy, and government.

PB 0201 Public Health, Disease, and Injury3 Credits

Public health requires familiarity with the epidemiology, pathology, prevention, and treatment of a wide range of infectious, non-communicable, mental, reproductive, and nutritional conditions, as well as violence and unintentional injuries. This course offers a population-focused survey of abnormal human health with an emphasis on leading global causes of morbidity and mortality, key personal risk factors, and broader social determinants of health. The student will gain an understanding of principles for endemic disease and injury control and establishes the foundation for courses that follow.

PB 0203 Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation3 Credits

Prerequisite: PB 0101.

This course provides the foundation for developing culturally competent community-based health interventions. Students learn the process of public health programming, including assessment, design, planning, implementation, and evaluation. This course integrates theory to examine interventions at various levels (individual, community, policy).

PB 0305 Public Health Seminar3 Credits

Prerequisites: PB 0201, PB 0203.

This seminar assists students to apply evidence-based skills achieved throughout the program in order to better understand public health readings and reports. Through weekly readings, discussions, and debate, students will mobilize public health knowledge and examine implications for health policy while modeling the discourse that occurs in professional public health settings.

PB 0310 Public Health Capstone3 Credits

Prerequisites: PB 0201, PB 0203.

This capstone course is designed to provide a platform for the development of strategic plans to address current public health problems in defined populations. Within the course, students develop a culminating project incorporating skills in needs assessment, statistics and epidemiology, program planning and evaluation, policy development, and advocacy.

PB 0315 Public Health Internship6 Credits

Prerequisites: PB 0201, PB 0203.

The public health internship may be completed in a local public health agency or overseas with the permission of the program director. The internship experience exposes students to the elements of the core functions of public health and the application of these core functions in public health settings. While not all internships will allow for extensive exposure to all of the essential services, students are expected to discuss how the agency addresses those services.