Marketing Major

Marketing majors examine the exchange processes by which consumers and organizations satisfy their needs and wants. In a sense, it is the most humanistic of the business majors; it requires students to understand consumer behavior, the motivation of sales personnel, the impact of advertising and communication on the potential consumer, the characteristics of consumers, the cultures involved in international marketing, market research techniques, and the role of marketing in the digital environment. Marketing majors may further specialize by choosing one of three concentrations: Marketing Communications, Digital and Social Media Marketing, and Fashion Marketing.

For a 51-credit major in marketing, students complete the following:

Business Core Requirements33
MKTG 2212Consumer Behavior3
MKTG 2311Marketing Research3
MKTG 4312Global Marketing Strategy3
Select three courses from the following: 19
Sales and Sales Management
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Sports Marketing
Marketing Channels
Business-to-Business Marketing
Media Strategy
Public Relations Strategy
Brand Management
Contemporary Issues in Marketing
Total Credits51

Marketing majors must maintain a GPA of at least 2.50 in marketing. 


Students will use the marketing electives to fulfill the requirements for the concentration.


Marketing Communications

Select at least two courses from the following:6
Media Strategy
Public Relations Strategy
Total Credits6

Digital and Social Media Marketing

MKTG 2241Digital Marketing3
MKTG 2251Social Media Marketing3
Total Credits6

Fashion Marketing

In collaboration with Florence University of the Arts

The purpose of a Marketing Major with a Concentration in Fashion Marketing is to provide a professional and academic environment for students to gain knowledge about the business side of the fashion industry. The program will be structured such that Fairfield students will take the marketing courses required for the major (i.e., Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, and Global Marketing) at Fairfield University, and four marketing electives at Florence University of the Arts (FUA) in the Spring semester of their junior year.

One of the four electives is an experiential learning course, which starts about three weeks prior to the start of the Spring semester with the Men’s Pitti Immagine fashion show in Italy, which students will have to attend. The course has a 150-hour "internship" requirement (distributed over the Winter Intersession and Spring Semester), with placement taking place at FLY – Fashion Loves You, the creative learning lab and retail store at FUA’s School of Fashion and Accessory Studies and Technology (FAST). The store features vintage and handcrafted clothing and objects open to the public and all of its operations are executed by academic courses. All projects are fully coordinated and supervised by FUA faculty members who are also industry professionals.

A degree with a focus on Fashion Marketing offers a wide variety of career opportunities in the fashion industry, at various companies, such as Kohl’s, GAP, Lululemon, Nike, Macy's, and so much more. Moreover, the proximity to New York City provides the best setting for any student who is fascinated with fashion marketing and many opportunities after graduation. A fashion marketer may do any of the following on a day-to-day basis: ad creative, branding, market research and media planning, store planning, product display, and photography, which all fall within the purview of fashion marketing.

Students will complete the following four electives while in residence at Florence University of the Arts:

Strategic Fashion Marketing3
Fashion Business in Italy3
Fashion Buying Strategies: From Personal Shopper to Retail Merchandising3
Special Project: Experiential Learning in the Fashion Industry: Fashion Retail Management3
Total Credits12