Core Curriculum

The Dolan School of Business has two components to its student undergraduate core curriculum. Fairfield’s Magis Core, common to all undergraduates, provides a solid grounding in liberal arts skills and habits of mind: critical thinking, oral and written communications, and reflective practice, to name a few. The Dolan Business Core provides a solid foundation in the business disciplines while preparing them to delve deeply into their chosen major.

The plan of study below presents a typical four-year schedule of courses in the program.

Dolan School of Business Curricula

Applies to Class of 2025 and later. Students in the Class of 2024 and earlier should consult the catalog for the year in which they matriculated.

  Courses Credits
A. Magis Core Requirements 15 45
B. Business Core Requirements 11 33
C. Major Field Courses 6 18
D. Free Electives 8 24
Total 40 120

Magis Core Curriculum

15 courses, 45 credits.

Students in the Dolan School of Business will fulfill certain areas of the Magis Core by taking specified courses as outlined below. Please refer to the Curricula section of this catalog for full requirements and a detailed explanation of the Magis Core

Tier I: Orientation

Select one Calculus course 13
MATH 2217Statistics I3
Modern or Classical Language
Select one language course based on placement3

Students will take MATH 1121, MATH 1122, MATH 1141, MATH 1142, MATH 1171, or MATH 1172, based on placement.

Tier II: Exploration

Behavioral and Social Sciences
ECON 1011Introduction to Microeconomics3
ECON 1012Introduction to Macroeconomics3

Business Core Requirements

11 courses; 33 credits.

ACCT 1011Introduction to Financial Accounting 13
ACCT 1012Introduction to Management Accounting 13
AETH 2291Business Ethics3
BUSN 1101Messaging and Persuasion: Effective Business Communication 13
BUSN 3211Legal Environment of Business3
DATA 1101Business Analytics3
FNCE 2101Introduction to Finance 23
INTL 2101Introduction to International Business3
MGMT 2101Introduction to Management 23
MGMT 4300Business Strategies in the Global Environment 33
MKTG 1101Principles of Marketing 23
Total Credits33

These courses should be primarily taken in the first year.


These courses should be primarily taken in the second year.


This course may not be taken until the senior year.

Business Major Requirements

6 courses; 18 credits.

Some concentrations may require additional courses. Descriptions and requirements of each of the seven majors are detailed in the respective departmental sections that follow. Course descriptions are also included.

All Business Majors must maintain a GPA of at least a 2.50 in their Dolan major.

Free Electives

8 courses; 24 credits.

All business students must complete a minimum of eight free electives totaling 24 credits. A free elective is a three- or four-credit course chosen by students without any restrictions related to their majors. Students can use the free electives toward the completion of a double major, a minor, or Magis core signature elements.