International Business

The International Business program at Fairfield University draws from interdisciplinary faculty in both the Dolan School of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences to prepare students for the challenges of business in a global context.  Students explore geography, economics, politics, anthropology, and more as they learn to productively engage various forms of diversity and pursue business and economic development across a variety of social and environmental contexts.  Each International Business major chooses a co-curricular minor (or major) in the Dolan School of Business. 

International Business

INBU 2101 Introduction to Global Business    3 Credits

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

The main goal of this course is to introduce students to the core concepts, topics, and issues facing businesses operating in the global market today. Students will learn about the changing business environment, international institutions, issues related to international trade and trade agreements, international financial system and exchange rates, global production and supply chain management, and global marketing. Through the study of these topics in international business, students will learn about how the global economy functions and the challenges and opportunities multinational corporations face in working with international organizations, local governments, businesses and consumers, and global competitors.

INBU 2154 Contemporary Issues Affecting the Global Business Environment    3 Credits

Attributes: INEL International Studies / International Business Elective

Prerequisites: ECON 1011, ECON 1012; or INST 1053.

The focus of this course is to introduce students to contemporary issues in international business and to understand the impact of real-world events on the global business environment. With in-depth case study analysis and country-specific investment research, students learn about the evolving global business environment, the unique challenges and opportunities businesses face of operating in emerging versus advanced economies, and connections between multinational corporations, governments, and international organizations that can facilitate or hinder cross-border activities. Crosslisted with ECON 2154. Previously IL 0154, INBU 1054.

International Studies

See International Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Crawford (Sociology and Anthropology)

Coordinating Committee

Babo (Sociology and Anthropology)
Bhattacharya (Management)
Franceschi (Economics)
Garcia Iommi (Politics)
Iddins (Communication)
Keefe (Economics)
Leatherman (Politics)
Martinez (Finance)
McFadden (History)
Micu, C. (Marketing)
Strauss (Management)
Vasquez Mazariegos (Economics)
Zhang (Communication)


McAloon (Business)