Sports Leadership and Management Minor

This interdisciplinary minor provides students with a foundational business skill set that facilitates students' interest in careers in the sports management industry and with corporations who have partnerships and client relations with sports organizations. It has a primary focus on leadership in the sports industry, and specifically (as consistent with the University mission) leadership that is ethics-based.

For a 15-credit Sports and Leadership Management minor, students complete the following:

MGMT 3240Leading and Managing People3
MGMT 4375Sports Management3
Select three electives from the following: 19
Introduction to Sports Broadcasting
Sports, Media, and Culture
Economics of Sport
Managing Human Resources
Negotiations and Dispute Resolution
Performance, Compensation, and Reward
Sports Marketing
Total Credits15


Management majors may not double-count courses for the Management major for any of the 3 electives. However, MGMT 3240 Leading and Managing People does double-count as a required course for both the Management major and the Sports Leadership and Management minor.

Students that minor in Sports Leadership and Management can not declare a major in sports business.