Summer Pre-College Programs (SHS)

SHS 0011 Arts and Sciences Pre-College    0 Credits

Fee: $2100

Students will explore the many options for majors and minors available to new undergraduate students, from communications and psychology to biology and chemistry and more. What fields are emerging in the humanities, arts, and sciences, and what kinds of career opportunities might be available when you graduate? A different theme will be offered each summer.

SHS 0012 Business Pre-College    0 Credits

Fee: $2100

The world of business includes analytics, marketing, entrepreneurship, human resources, economics, finance, and strategy setting. Students will learn practical business skills, discover how the profession has evolved, and discuss emerging professional, personal, and academic opportunities with the Dolan School of Business faculty.

SHS 0013 Nursing: The Possibilities Are Endless    0 Credits

Fee: $2100

Spend a week in the world of nursing, learning about the many opportunities available in the nursing profession. Specific opportunities offered include the basics of first aid and CPR and realistic experiences in the Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies state of the art simulation lab. Students will come away with an understanding of the many possibilities a career in nursing holds with a targeted focus on their personal interests for their future in health care.

SHS 0014 Engineering Pre-College    0 Credits

Fee: $2100

Autonomous self-navigating robots help accomplish many tasks in places that are difficult to reach by humans. Such robots should be able to recognize obstacles and alter their paths to complete the task. Students will build a robot using Arduino, an open-source platform based on a microcontroller that can be programmed from a computer. The robot will be powered by batteries mounted on a small chassis with wheels driven by motors and other electronic parts, much like a toy car. They will learn to program the Arduino to accept inputs from ultrasonic sensors in order to stop the motors on finding an obstacle.

SHS 0090 Summer BASE Camp    0 Credits

BASE Camp (Broadening Access to Science Education) is a two-week, residential camp for high school women interested in scientific research. Students have the opportunity to see what research in science is all about, and have fun in the process. BASE Camp is designed to engage female high school students in hands-on, research-based experiences in the natural sciences and mathematics, in an effort to inform and excite students about the process of science.