Humanities (HUMN)

HUMN 1201 Technical Skills for Liberal Arts Majors 3 Credits

Students today will need skills in a variety of computer programs and software applications. This course is designed for those in the liberal arts (humanities and social or behavioral sciences) who will need these technical skills for their future workplace. Specific skill sets include software for word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, conferencing, web page coding, and web page design; other software may be included. The course serves those students going into business, publishing, non-profit careers, and a variety of other enterprises for which the liberal arts training must be augmented with specific cyber-related technical competence. Open to students with majors in the humanities or social/behavioral sciences only. Crosslisted with CPSC 1201. Previously HU 0201.

HUMN 4301 Humanities Institute Seminar 3 Credits

The Humanities Seminar is a research-oriented mentorship program, focused on the needs of excellent undergraduate humanities majors or minors, who are contemplating graduate work in the humanities or other humanities-oriented research careers. The seminar is open to students who have become Student Fellows by application to the Humanities Institute. The seminar course, comprised of both cohort and mentoring experiences, will normally occur in the spring semester under the guidance of the faculty mentor. Substantial independent work is expected of Student Fellows and the anticipated outcome will be a lengthy research paper or equivalent project. Enrollment by permission only. Previously HU 0301.