Healthcare Administration (HCAD)

HCAD 6100 Introduction to the United States Healthcare System    2 Credits

This course provides an overview of the evolving structure of the US healthcare delivery system. Since the US healthcare system has been periodically changed in diverse aspects over the decades, its dynamic mechanism should be understood. Particularly the healthcare system encompasses organizations, management, finance, policy, and technology. This course introduces students to the complexity of healthcare, challenges of leadership, the key stakeholders, and the current state of healthcare in the US. As the introductory course for the MHA program, this hybrid course will allow student to acclimate to the program through multiple learning modalities and activities. Collaboration and team building, critical success factors in healthcare, will be a focus of the on-site portion of the course. The cohort will be introduced to many key aspects of healthcare administration as well as acclimating to the rich learning environment of Fairfield University.

HCAD 6200 Healthcare Reimbursement and Organizational Performance    3 Credits

This course is focused on the complex topic of healthcare reimbursement as the primary income sources for healthcare organizations. Additionally, the course will explore the dynamic concepts of payer sources with the emphasis on reimbursement through government, commercial and private payers. Healthcare administrators and leaders in must possess a firm grasp of sources of revenue and the rapidly changing environment. Decision-making related to organizational goals will be explored in the context of revenue. The course supports students to understand how to apply financial decision-making, strategic, and operational decisions.

HCAD 6951 Healthcare Administration Practicum    3 Credits

Prerequisite: HCAD 6100.

In this practicum, students will be placed in a healthcare practice environment for a 150-hour experiential learning opportunity. Paired with community partners, students will observe and participate in learning how the theoretical concepts of healthcare leadership are implemented in practice. Students will focus on the competencies of the program such as organizational behavior, management, human resources, project management, financial strategies, information technology, and performance management as appropriate to the clinical site. Students may be placed with one practice partner or divide time in multiple areas to achieve the objectives of the practicum. Students with current or recent experience in healthcare leadership may apply to have this course waived in consultation with the Program Director and approval of the Associate Dean.

HCAD 6999 Healthcare Administration Capstone    4 Credits

Prerequisite: HCAD 6100.

The Healthcare Administration Capstone is an integrative learning experience drawing on all the disciplines and subject matter presented in the MHA program. It requires the student to work independently as a member of a team to complete a comprehensive and relevant business plan for the healthcare-related organization. The capstone will consist of 200 hours of clinical time in a healthcare organization as well as clinical conference sessions with a faculty advisor.