Honors (HONR)

HONR 1101 Enduring Questions    3 Credits

Attributes: MSID Magis Core: Interdisciplinary

This team-taught course explores major questions persistent throughout human history. It provides an interdisciplinary opportunity to ask about the nature of humanity and reality, the meaning and purpose of existence, and the relationship between the individual and the wider world. Previously HR 0104.

HONR 2201 Emerging Questions    3 Credits

Attributes: MSID Magis Core: Interdisciplinary

Prerequisite: HONR 1101.

This course explores new questions emerging in changing modern contexts. It invites students to consider how new paradigms change human relations, how new discoveries change our understanding of the world, and how these changes are shaping our future. Previously HR 0204.

HONR 2202 Honors Seminar    3 Credits

Prerequisite: HONR 1101.

This seminar, offered in one of the traditional disciplines, seeks to cultivate the skills of critical thinking, cogent argumentation, and effective writing, all by attending to a particular subject matter. Honors students earn nine credits in HONR 2202 by completing three seminars throughout their studies. Previously HR 0202.

HONR 2202H Honors Seminar: History    3 Credits

HONR 2202L Honors Seminar: Literature    3 Credits

HONR 2202M Honors Seminar: Mathematics    3 Credits

HONR 2202N Honors Seminar: Natural Sciences    3 Credits

HONR 2202P Honors Seminar: Philosophy    3 Credits

HONR 2202R Honors Seminar: Religious Studies    3 Credits

HONR 2202S Honors Seminar: Social and Behavioral Sciences    3 Credits

HONR 2202V Honors Seminar: Visual and Performing Arts    3 Credits

HONR 3301 Finding Answers    3 Credits

Attributes: MSID Magis Core: Interdisciplinary

Prerequisite: HONR 2201.

This team-taught course offers a survey of theories of knowledge, research methodologies, data collection practices, and analytical methods from disciplines across all undergraduate fields. It aims to arm students with a wide array of techniques for engaging in their own original research. Previously HR 0304.

HONR 4990 Independent Special Topics    3 Credits

Prerequisite: HONR 2201.

This course offers an in-depth investigation of a significant topic or question, conducted in a seminar format. The professor(s) teaching the course choose(s) the topic. This course is generally limited to juniors, with exceptions made as needed. Previously HR 0398.