Asian Studies (ASST)

ASST 3990 Independent Study    1-3 Credits

Students undertake an individualized program of study in consultation with a director from the Asian Studies faculty. Previously AN 0301.

ASST 4999 Asian Studies Seminar    3 Credits

Attributes: ANMC Asian Studies Elective

Prerequisite: Junior standing.

This seminar examines selected topics concerning Asia. The course is taught in conjunction with another course from a rotation of course offerings. Consult the Asian Studies director to identify the conjoined course for a given semester. The seminar concentrates on topics within the parameters of the conjoined course syllabus but adds a research emphasis. Students registered for this course must complete a research project, to include 4000-level research, in addition to the regular research requirements of the conjoined course, and a 25-50 page term paper in substitution for some portion of the conjoined course requirements, as determined by the instructor. Previously AN 0310.