SYC in TESOL with Initial Certification for Candidates with an MA in TESOL

 A. List of Equivalent Courses that Count toward Certification by Category.

Note: At least one course in each of the five areas below and 30 TESOL credit hours total required for certification grades k -12. Candidates may receive equivalent course designation for up to eight courses. These courses count for certification only. They do not count for degree credits.

1. English Language
2. Language Theory
3. Culture and Intergroup Relations
4. Linguistic and Academic Assessment
5. Methods

B. General Education Requirements (39 credits in 5 areas). Must include one course in US History covering 50 years.

1. English
2. Natural Sciences
3. Mathematics
4. Social Studies/Social Sciences
Must include one course in US History covering 50 years
5. Foreign Language
6. Fine Arts

Degree Specific required courses
TSLA 6999ACapstone Seminar in Inclusive Language Teaching3
PSYG 6534Theories of Learning3
or PSYG 5446 Advanced Foundations of Development and Learning: From Theory to Practice
TSLA 6951Sixth Year Certificate Advanced Research Practicum in TESOL/Bilingual Education (Program plan varies according to the number of equivalent courses applied to certification,)3
Professional Education required courses
EDUC 5429Philosophical Foundations of Education3
EDTC 5401Introduction to Educational Technology3
SPED 5403Foundations in Research and Evaluation of Psychoeducational Issues in Special Education3
Curriculum Courses
TSLA 6451Infusing Content Language into TESOL/Bilingual Curriculum (Grades 4-12)3
or TSLA 6522 Emergent Literacy in the TESOL/Bilingual Curriculum (PK-3)
TSLA 6530Content Language and Reading Acquisition for English Language Learners and Special Needs Students3
TSLA 6951Sixth Year Certificate Advanced Research Practicum in TESOL/Bilingual Education3
Supervised DSAP I and II (6 credits) OR Supervised Student Teaching (TSLA 6581) 6 credits
TSLA 6588Directed Observation I for TESOL/DSAP Candidates3
TSLA 6589Directed Observation II for TESOL/DSAP Candidates3
TSLA 6582TESOL Student Teaching and DSAP Seminar3
EDUC 6598edTPA Portfolio 10
Total Credits36

Note: Additional coursework maybe needed to meet the 30 credits in TESOL coursework required by the state of Connecticut for certification. 

1. $300 edTPA license fee required.  Taken concurrently with TSLA 6582.