Master of Arts in TESOL for Non-K-12 Educators

Education Courses
EDTC 5401Introduction to Educational Technology3
EDUC 5429Philosophical Foundations of Education3
EDUC 6512Contemporary Schooling in Society3
EDUC 6552Research for Action and Advocacy in School and Community Settings3
TESOL Courses
TSLA 5423Foundations of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education3
or TSLA 5467 Language Acquisition
TSLA 5436TESOL Methods and Materials Development3
TSLA 5475Sociolinguistics3
or TSLA 5441 Teaching and Learning within Multicultural Contexts of Education
TSLA 6527Testing and Assessment in TESOL and Bilingual Programs3
Select three elective courses in consultation with advisor9
TSLA 6999BComprehensive Examination in TESOL and Bilingual Education0
Total Credits33