Psychological and Educational Consultation

The Department of Psychological and Educational Consultation (DPEC) houses programs whose graduates are leaders in public schools and higher education. DPEC offers concentrations in studies that prepare students for careers in a variety of areas, including Educational Leadership (EdD), Educational Technology (MA, SYC), and School Psychology (MA, SYC). The department has as its primary objective, a collaborative problem-solving-approach for improving the quality of life in our changing schools, organizations, and society. The department is dedicated to helping students achieve the following goals.

  • Enhancing self-awareness and self-understanding
  • Developing a self-care practice to develop optimal well-being and prevent burnout
  • Improving service delivery options to children, adolescents, and adults
  • Resolving problems through effective consultation skills
  • Promoting effective communication skills and working relationships
  • Increasing effectiveness of interventions in schools, and community support agencies
  • Providing leadership in schools and community in the areas of theory, assessment, and understanding of differences among children, youth, adults, and those with disabilities, with special emphasis on differentiating typical cultural characteristics from pathology
  • Creating effective curricular, behavioral, and therapeutic interventions
  • Facilitating healthy development and primary prevention in school, at home, and in the community
  • Understanding social justice is foundational for all practice

To supplement course work, faculty has established working relationships in settings where psychological and instructional skills are applied. These settings include public schools and private organizations. These relationships provide for the coordination of real life experiences with academic training and serve dual purposes. First, candidates have the opportunity  to exercise newly acquired skills in practical settings supported by experienced supervisors and university faculty. Second, the addition of graduate candidates to established staff increases the resources available in schools and the community.

  • Educational Leadership
    • Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership: Concentration in Teacher Leadership
    • Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership: Concentration in Higher Education Administration
  •  Educational Technology & Instructional Design
    • Master of Arts in Educational Technology
    • Master of Arts in Instructional Design
    • Master of Arts in Educational Technology with Preparation for School Library Media Specialist (062) Cross-Endorsement
    • Sixth Year Certificate in Educational Technology​
    • Certificate in Classroom Technology Integration
    • Certificate in Instructional Design
  • School Psychology
    • MA in School Psychology
    • SYC in School Psychology


Robert Hannafin, Director, Educational Leadership
Emily Smith, Educational Leadership

Associate Professors

Paula Gill Lopez, Chair, Director, School Psychology
Evelyn Bilias Lolis, Interim Dean, School Psychology

Associate Professors of the Practice

Michael Regan, School Psychology

Assistant Professors of the Practice

Joshua Elliott, Associate Dean, Director of Educational Technology


Jay Rozgonyi, Educational Technology