Master of Arts in TESOL with Initial Certification

Education Courses (12 credits)
EDUC 5429Philosophical Foundations of Education3
EDUC 5442Educational Psychology3
EDTC 5401Introduction to Educational Technology3
SPED 5403Foundations in Research and Evaluation of Psychoeducational Issues in Special Education3
TESOL Courses (30 credits)
TSLA 5422Teaching Grammar in Second Language Settings3
TSLA 5423Foundations of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education3
or TSLA 5467 Language Acquisition
TSLA 5436TESOL Methods and Materials Development3
TSLA 5441Teaching and Learning within Multicultural Contexts of Education3
TSLA 6527Testing and Assessment in TESOL and Bilingual Programs3
TSLA 6451Infusing Content Language into TESOL/Bilingual Curriculum (Grades 4-12)3
TSLA 6530Content Language and Reading Acquisition for English Language Learners and Special Needs Students3
TSLA 6999ACapstone Seminar in Inclusive Language Teaching3
Select 1 elective course in consultation with advisor 13
Additional Certification Requirements 2
TSLA 6581Directed Observation and Supervised Student Teaching 36
or TSLA 6588
TSLA 6589
Directed Observation I for TESOL/DSAP Candidates
and Directed Observation II for TESOL/DSAP Candidates
TSLA 6582TESOL Student Teaching and DSAP Seminar3
Additional MA Certification Requirement
EDUC 6598edTPA Portfolio 40
Total Credits48


  • The State of Connecticut requires nine credits of bilingualism/language study. This may include undergraduate courses. Candidates who have not taken world language coursework have the option of taking College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests and receiving college credit to fulfill this requirement.