Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Candidates in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling1 MA program must complete a minimum of 60 credits. Candidates are expected to maintain an overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Social and Cultural Foundations
COUN 5433Multicultural Issues in Counseling3
Human Development
COUN 5447Lifespan Development for Professional Counseling3
COUN 6250Diagnosis and Treatment Across the Lifespan3
Professional Orientation
COUN 5468Professional Issues in Counseling3
Helping Relationship
COUN 5501Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy3
COUN 5553Counseling Relationships and Skills 23
Group Work
COUN 6455Group Work: Theory and Practice3
Lifestyle and Career Development
COUN 5457Career Development: Theory and Practice3
COUN 6467Assessment in Counseling3
Research and Evaluation
COUN 6568Research Methodology3
Clinical Instruction
COUN 6950Counseling Practicum 23
COUN 6981Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship I 23
COUN 6982Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship II 23
Specialized Curriculum
COUN 5350Introduction to Substance and Process Addictions3
COUN 5432Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling3
COUN 6515Trauma and Crisis Intervention3
COUN 6585Introduction to Clinical Supervision3
MFTH 5550Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy3
Elective Courses
Select two elective courses in consultation with advisor6
Comprehensive Exam
COUN 6999CComprehensive Exam in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 30
Total Credits60

Concentration in Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health

MFTH 5470Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health3
MFTH 5480Transgender and Gender Expansive Affirming Care1.5
MFTH 5481Conversations with Queer and Trans Youth1.5
MFTH 5999GSexual and Gender Minority Mental Health Capstone3
Total Credits9

Sixth Year Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The Sixth Year Certificate (SYC) program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling requires a minimum of 30 post-masters' graduate-level credit hours, including clinical courses, and completion of requirements, as outlined on an individual plan of study.