Public Administration

Message from the Director

Why Public Administration? Many challenges that face Connecticut and the U.S. as a whole lie outside the realm of the private sector. Despite a growing and vibrant economy, concerns persist about our educational and healthcare systems, homelessness and access to affordable housing, and strains on our infrastructure and transportation systems. It is the nonprofit and governmental sectors that ultimately address these public issues when a market-based mechanism does not provide a solution.

Those who study public administration obtain the essential skills needed to address pressing public issues, including expertise in fiscal management, project administration, grant-writing, analytics and human resource management. These subjects form the core of the Fairfield MPA Program. Fairfield’s program also requires that students complete a four-course specialization in an aspect of public administration that matches their professional goals, whether it be in nonprofit management, state and local government, emergency management or healthcare administration. The Program is completed through a three-credit capstone project, conducted under the supervision of a faculty member.

For those interested in this exciting and rewarding course of study, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office or the Director of the MPA Program:

Gayle Alberda
Director of the MPA Program
203-254-4000 x2324