Message from the Director

Because of its beauty, precision, and usefulness, mathematics has always attracted not only the most profound and theoretical minds, but also pragmatic thinkers who are eager to apply its insights to the problems of the world around us.

The master's degree program in mathematics is designed for students who have a strong undergraduate background in mathematics or a related field, or evidence of an ability to think precisely and quantitatively at the level necessary for graduate work in mathematics. Our program caters to students in many different situations, including, but not limited to, teachers at the middle, high school and two year college levels, business professionals whose work is quantitative in nature, IT and software professionals, those who deal with and analyze data, students desiring solid preparation for entrance into a doctoral program, and those who are just attracted by the beauty of mathematics.

Full-time Fairfield University faculty members teach in the master's program, bringing a wealth of expertise to the classroom. The breadth of their specialties, together with their commitment to excellence in teaching and making a difference in individual students’ lives, enriches the program and the options available to students. This benefit translates into an ability to allow our students to design individualized programs of study, in consultation with a faculty advisor, related to their background, interest, and personal goals.

The curriculum features a common core of six credits and six credits of proof-intensive coursework, supplemented by a series of electives that make specialization possible. Because our program caters to working adults, classes mostly meet one evening a week during the fall and spring semesters and are available in the summer, as well.

As director of the graduate program in mathematics, I invite you to peruse the course descriptions and faculty credentials that follow and join us in a more focused study within the field I so enjoy.

Stephen F. Sawin, Ph.D.
Director of the MS in Mathematics Program