School Directory

College of Arts and Sciences Administration

Richard Greenwald, PhD

Olivia Harriott
Associate Dean

Scott Lacy, PhD
Associate Dean

Nancy Dallavalle
Special Assistant to the Dean

Dawn DeBiase, MSW
Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs

Colby Lemieux, MA
Senior Assistant Dean

Amanda McKenzie, MSC
Assistant Dean

Jean Daniele
Manager, CAS Operations

Graduate Program Administration

Kristina Ruiz-Mesa, PhD
Director, Communication

Carol Ann Davis, MFA
Director, Creative Writing

Kathleen Tomlin, PhD
Director, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Robert A. Hardy, ASID, IDEC, NCIDQ
Director, Interior Design

Mark Demers, PhD
Director, Mathematics

Gayle Alberda, PhD
Director, Public Administration

MA in Communication Faculty

Professors in the program are full-time Communication Department faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Niall Brennan
Associate Professor of Communication
BA, University of California at Santa Cruz
MA, The New School for Social Research, NY
PhD, London School of Economics and Political Science

Sean Horan
Professor of Communication
BA, Texas State University
MA, Texas State University
PhD, West Virginia University

Annemarie Iddins
Associate Professor of Communication
BA, University of St. Thomas
MA, University of Minnesota
PhD, University of Michigan

Michael Pagano
Professor of Communication
BA, BS, MA, PhD, University of Oklahoma

Adam Rugg
Associate Professor of Communication
BA, University of Florida
MA, University of South Florida
PhD, University of Iowa

Kristina Ruiz-Mesa
Associate Professor of Communication
Director, Graduate Program in Communication

BA, Villanova University
MA, Villanova University
PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder

M. Sallyanne Ryan
Assistant Professor of Communication
BA, University of Connecticut
MA, PhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Margaret Wills
Associate Professor of Communication
BS, MA, University of Delaware
PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Bora Yook
Assistant Professor of Communication
BS, Sookmyung Women’s University (Korea)
MS, Boston University
PhD, University of Miami

Qin Zhang
Professor of Communication
BA, MA, Central China Normal University
PhD, University of New Mexico

Wen Zhao
Assistant Professor of Communication
​BA, Beijing International Studies University (China)
MS, Florida State University
​PhD, Washington State University

MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Faculty

Michael R. Andreychik
Professor of Psychology
BA, MS, PhD, Lehigh University

Daniel Baitch
Lecturer of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
MA, PhD, Hofstra University

Vivian Ciampi
Lecturer of Industrial/Organizational Psychology​
BA, Fairfield University
MBA, University of Connecticut

Jennifer Lewis
Lecturer of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
MA, New School
MBA, Iona College
EdD, Nova Southeastern University

Margaret McNamara McClure
Professor of Psychology
BS, MA, PhD, Fordham University

Kathleen Tomlin
Director, Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program
Associate Professor of the Practice of Psychology
BA, Rutgers College
MA, PhD, Princeton University

MFA in Creative Writing Faculty

Professors in the program are both award-winning authors and teachers.

Sharbari Ahmed
Lecturer of Creative Writing
BA, Marymount College
MA, MFA New York University

Rachel Basch
Lecturer of Creative Writing
BA, Wesleyan University
MA, New York University

Carol Ann Davis
Professor of English
​Director, Graduate Program in Creative Writing

BA, Vassar College
MFA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Celeste Doaks
Lecturer of Creative Writing
BA, Indiana-Purdue University
MFA, North Carolina State University

Shelley Evans
Lecturer of Creative Writing
BA, Wesleyan University
MFA, New York University

Sonya Huber
Professor of English
BA, Carleton College
MA, MFA, Ohio State University

Eugenia Kim
Lecturer of Creative Writing
BA, University of Maryland
MFA, Bennington College

Phil Klay
Professor of the Practice, MFA and English
BA, Dartmouth College
MFA, Hunter College of The City University of New York

Dinty W. Moore
Lecturer of Creative Writing
BA, University of Pittsburg
MFA, Louisiana State University

Susan Muaddi Darraj
Lecturer of Creative Writing
BA, Rutgers University
MA, Rutgers University

Karen Osborn
Lecturer of Creative Writing
BA, Hollins College
MFA, University of Arkansas

William Patrick
Lecturer of Creative Writing
BA, University of Pennsylvania
MA, Syracuse University

Adriana Páramo
Lecturer of Creative Writing
BS, Universidad Nacional de Colómbia, Medellín
BS, University of Alaska Anchorage
PhD, Berne University

Jennifer Vanderbes
Lecturer of Creative Writing
MFA, University of Iowa

MA in Interior Design Faculty

Trudy Dujardin
ASID, BS, Southern CT State University

Robert A. Hardy
Director, Interior Design & Instructor of the Practice
ASID, New York School of Design
NCIDQ, University of Massachusetts

Patrick Kennedy
ASID, NCIDO, Inchbald School of Design

Bobby (Haralampos) Moisiadis
MSME, BSME, Fairfield University

Amy R. Rutledge
BA, University of Pennsylvania
MA, Purchase College
MA, Manhattanville College

Hollis Sutherland
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Interior Design
ASID, AAS, New York School of Interior Design
BA, Hamilton College
MFA, Endicot College

Jane Swergold
BA, ASID, University of Pennsylvania
MA, New York University

Veronica Whitlock
BA, Duke University
BFA, ASID, New York School of Interior Design
MA, NCIDO, Parsons

Master of Public Administration Faculty

Professors in the program are full-time faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Dolan School of Business, or are affiliated faculty with expertise in critical areas.

Full-Time Faculty

Gayle Alberda
Associate Professor of Politics
​Director, Graduate Program in Public Administration

BS, Central Michigan University
MPA, Central Michigan University
PhD, Wayne State University

Mousumi Bhattacharya
Associate Professor of Management
BA, MBA, Jadavpur University
PhD, Syracuse University

David L. Downie
Associate Professor of Politics
BA. Duke University
MA, PhD, University on North Carolina

Mark S. LeClair
Professor of Economics
BA, Colgate
MA, Northeastern University
PhD, Rutgers University

Thomas J. Murray, III
Associate Professor of Economics
BA, Stonehill College
MA, PhD, University of Notre Dame

Michael Pagano
Professor of Communication
BA, MS, PhD University of Oklahoma

Affiliated Faculty

Jonathan Pietri-Delgado
BGS, University of Connecticut
MPA, Fairfield University

Carlos Penagos
MS, University of New Haven

Melissa Quan
BS, John Carroll University
MA, Fairfield University
EDD, University of Massachusetts

Tom Sobocinski
BA, MA, Fairfield University

Charlie Stallworth
BA, Selma University
MDIV, Vanderbilt University
STM, Yale University
DMIN, United Theological Seminary

Bieu Tran
BA, University of Connecticut
MLitt, University of St. Andrews             
MPA, John Jay College of Criminal Justice    
MBA, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts-Amherst                                 

MS in Mathematics Faculty

Professors in the program are full-time faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences, with highly regarded expertise in a wide range of areas of mathematics and a deep commitment to teaching and making a difference in individual students’ lives.

Paul Baginski
Associate Professor of Mathematics
BS, MS, Carnegie Mellon
PhD, University of California at Berkeley

Kimberly Barba
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
BS, Fairfield University
MS, King's College London, UK
PhD, Columbia University

Zhanar Berikkyzy
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
BS, Suleyman Demirel University, Kazakhstan
MS, University of Northern Iowa
PhD, Iowa State University

Christopher Casement
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
​BA, Skidmore College
​MA, Wake Forest University
MS, Virginia Tech
​PhD, Baylor University

Mark Demers
Director, Graduate Mathematics Program
Professor of Mathematics
BA, Amherst College
MA, PhD, New York University

Laura Dumitrescu
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
PhD, University of Ottawa

Nicholas Kapoor
Instructor of the Practice of Mathematics
MS, Fairfield University
MBA, Sacred Heart University

Laura McSweeney
Associate Professor of Mathematics
BS, Bridgewater State University
MS, PhD, University of New Hampshire

Shawn Rafalski
Associate Professor of Mathematics
BA, Eastern Michigan University
MS, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

Stephen Sawin
Professor of Mathematics
AB, Princeton University
PhD, University of California at Berkeley

P. Christopher Staecker
Professor of Mathematics
BS, Bates College
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

Janet Striuli
Professor of Mathematics
Laurea, Università degli studi di Trieste (Italy)
MA, PhD, University of Kansas

Joan Weiss
Professor of Mathematics
BS, Carnegie Mellon University
MS, University of Delaware
DA, Idaho State University

Liyang Zhang
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
BA, Williams College
PhD, Yale University

​Board of Advisors

Renee Appelle '03
New York, NY

Jorge Chiluisa '89, '06, P'21,'20,'19
Milford, CT

Dr. Ismael (Izzy) Colon '72
Denville, NJ

Joellin Comerford '74
Point Lookout, NY

Nancy Dallavalle
Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Robert Feigenson
Washington, DC

Thomas A. Franko '69
Chatham, NJ

Scott Fredrickson '82
Westport, CT

Paul Greco '86
Scarsdale, NY

Anne Harris, P'18
Charlottesville, VA

Kristine Holland '88, P'19
West Hartford, CT

Patrick W. Kelley '76, P'12
Norwalk, CT

A. John Mancini '86
Darien, CT

Carol McCabe '81, P'16 
West Hartford, CT

Patrick McCabe '80, P'16
West Hartford, CT

Erin Moran '05
Bronx, NY

Patricia O'Connor '89
Stamford, CT

Cynthia Stack '80
Acton, MA

Dr. Edmund (Ted) J. Sybertz '72
Vero Beach, FL

David Wakefield '98
Newton, MA

Cheryl Wiesenfeld
Fairfield, CT