Second Degree BSN Program

The Marion Peckham Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies offers an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing. The program begins in June and continues through graduation in August of the following year: a total of 15 months. 

The Second Degree BSN Program is designed to draw on your prior education and experience while allowing you to earn a second bachelor's degree in an accelerated format.  This previous knowledge serves as a foundation for nursing courses and helps you develop the social awareness, critical thinking skills, aesthetic sensibility and values that prepare you to sit for the NCLEX licensing exam. The program will empower you to become a leader in the nursing field.  


Admission is competitive and all students must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 to declare a nursing major. Students must complete an application to begin nursing courses.

Core Requirements

Adult learners must meet the University's core course requirements. Course requirements in the liberal arts and required supportive courses can be met by challenge examinations, transfer credits from other academic institutions, or enrollment in specific courses. Courses are accepted in transfer from other accredited colleges and universities on the basis of a satisfactory (C or better) academic record and course equivalency.

Prerequisite Course Requirements

The Egan School suggests that all prerequisite courses be completed within 10 years prior to the first nursing course. Applicants normally have completed science courses with grades of A or B in the last three to five years. Acceptance of credit is at the discretion of the Program Director and Dean. Students are expected to review course material to ensure that their knowledge of the subject matter is current. Students can maximize their potential for success in the nursing program with a strong foundation that is provided by these courses.

Residency Requirement

A minimum of 60 credits, including credits in nursing, must be completed at Fairfield University. In addition, the last 30 credits for the degree must be taken at Fairfield University.

Credit from International Programs

Students completing coursework outside the United States must submit certified English transcripts and course-by-course evaluation of all academic records. Information may be obtained from World Education Services (800-937-3895 or

Second Degree Core Courses

Select two courses in English6
Select one course in Ethics3
Select one course in Philosophy3
Select one course in Religious Studies3
Prerequisites 1
BIOL 1107
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
BIOL 1108
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
BIOL 1151
Elements of Microbiology
and Elements of Microbiology Lab
Select one course in Chemistry with lab4
PSYC 1110Developmental Psychology for Non-Majors3
Select one course in Statistics3
General Electives
Select 11 elective courses33
Total Credits70

Second Degree Nursing Requirements

NURS 1110Introduction to Professional Nursing3
NURS 1112Healthcare Delivery Systems3
NURS 2270Health Assessment4
NURS 2272Geriatric Nursing4
NURS 2303Basic Pathophysiology and Pharmacology3
NURS 3301Health and Wellness3
NURS 3305Mental Health Nursing4
NURS 3307Fundamentals of Nursing Care4
NURS 3310Foundations of Research for Evidence Based Practice3
NURS 3312Medical Surgical Nursing I5
NURS 3314Maternal and Newborn Nursing4
NURS 4321Professional Nursing Leadership3
NURS 4323Pediatric Nursing4
NURS 4325Medical Surgical Nursing II5
NURS 4330Population Health4
NURS 4332Transition to Professional Nursing4
Total Credits60
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
NURS 1110 Introduction to Professional Nursing 3
NURS 1112 Healthcare Delivery Systems 3
NURS 2270 Health Assessment 4
NURS 2272 Geriatric Nursing 4
NURS 3307 Fundamentals of Nursing Care 4
NURS 2303 Basic Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 3
NURS 3301 Health and Wellness 3
NURS 3305 Mental Health Nursing 4
NURS 3312 Medical Surgical Nursing I 5
NURS 3310 Foundations of Research for Evidence Based Practice 3
NURS 4321 Professional Nursing Leadership 3
NURS 4323 Pediatric Nursing 4
NURS 4325 Medical Surgical Nursing II 5
Second Year
NURS 3314 Maternal and Newborn Nursing 4
NURS 4330 Population Health 4
NURS 4332 Transition to Professional Nursing 4
 Total Credits60