Master of Arts in Bilingual Education with a Concentration in Leadership in English Acquisition Pedagogy, Elementary or Secondary

Methods of Teaching Bilingual Education
TSLA 5419Special Learners in the Bilingual/ESL Classroom3
First and Second Language Acquisition
TSLA 5420Linguistic Foundations of English Acquisition3
Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language
TSLA 5436TESOL Methods and Materials Development3
or TSLA 6451 Infusing Content Language into TESOL/Bilingual Curriculum (Grades 4-12)
or TSLA 6522 Emergent Literacy in the TESOL/Bilingual Curriculum (PK-3)
Cross-Cultural Sensitivity and Communication and Implications for Instruction
TSLA 5441Teaching and Learning within Multicultural Contexts of Education3
Linguistic and Academic Assessment
TSLA 6527Testing and Assessment in TESOL and Bilingual Programs3
Strategies for Modifying English Content Area Instruction
TSLA 6530Content Language and Reading Acquisition for English Language Learners and Special Needs Students3
Additional Courses
TSLA 5951Elementary TESOL/Bilingual Advanced Practicum3
or TSLA 5952 Secondary TESOL/Bilingual Advanced Practicum
Select three elementary-focused or three secondary-focused electives9
TSLA 6999ACapstone Seminar in Inclusive Language Teaching3
Total Credits33